On Sunday’s biggest stage, watched by hundreds of millions worldwide, in what might have been a pivotal moment in the outcome of the season and the scudetto race; Juventus defecated their metaphorical pants. What was witnessed on the field today was nothing short of embarrassing and should be unacceptable in Pirlo’s and Paratici’s eyes. Time to move on and figure out some way to right the ship because up next on Wednesday: Napoli in the Supercoppa Italiana, a team that decimated Fiorentina 6-0 today.

Notice: All ratings are calculated through a stringent process utilizing statistics and the eye test called My Opinion and are most certainly incorrect.


Wojciech Szczesny - 6.5

Following the allowance of the Vidal goal early, Szczesny had a huge deflection on Lukaku shot on target in the 24’ which was followed up with a lucky miss by Lautaro Martinez. Tek followed up with a huge stop on an undefended Lukaku shot in the 38’. More heroics ensued, stopping a Lukaku header, collecting himself, and scooping up a followup Inter shot in the 41’. Tek was doing all he could with what the remaining ten players were allowing. Szczesny contributed three saves, two punches, one save from inside of the box, two clearances, two accurate long balls, and two aerial duels won.

Danilo Luiz da Silva - 5

The Danilo of 2019/20 returned with a vengeance. Danilo was beaten early in position for an Arturo ‘Judas’ Vidal header to give Inter the 1-0 lead in the 12’. The Brazilian struggled to contribute anything of worth to the Juventus front in a pivotal match against the club’s biggest rival. Danilo contributed two clearances, one interception, one ground duel won, two aerial duels won, four accurate long balls, and one successful dribble.

Giorgio Chiellini - 6.5

The thirty-six year old was the best player on the field. The Italian legend knows what it means to be Bianconeri and at this point appears to be the only one playing with the heart of a Juventus player. Chiellini is up in his age, but in the 32’ Chiellini showed why he is the unquestioned captain; getting beat on an early ball to Lukaku, but finding his footing and correcting around to cut the ball away from the Belgian attacker on what otherwise would have been an open runout with Sczcesny alone. Chiellini contributed two clearances, one interception, two ground duels won, one aerial duel won, and four accurate long balls.

Leonardo Bonucci - 5.5

Surprisingly, Bonucci rated out as the best player of the game statistically, but that does not account for the eyeball test. While not his worst performance of the year, it was Bonucci’s job to reinforce the center of that defense with Chiellini and the Barella run out should have been stopped before he even had a chance to capitalize on it. Bonucci contributed two clearances, two blocked shots, one tackle, one ground duel won, one aerial duel won, but failed to complete one of his eleven long balls. Bonucci was penalized with a yellow card for a defensive play on Lautaro in the 36’.

Gianluca Frabotta - 4.5

The Italian youth was undoubtedly a defensive liability as he was continually abused by Hakimi on the left side and should have been pulled early in the first half. The second half started and guess who got abused early in the second half for an additional score by Barella? You bet, it was Frabotta. And finally due to an apparent injury (unfortunately), the less experienced Italian player was pulled. Gianluca Frabotta contributed one clearance, three interceptions, two tackles, three ground duels won, one aerial duel won, one accurate cross, and one accurate long ball. Frabotta was substituted for Federico Bernardeschi at the 58’.

Federico Chiesa - 5.5

Chiesa had a solid shot on goal in the final ten minutes of the second half that was miraculously saved by Handanovic. Unfortunately and more worrisome, it was obvious that the stopped goal took the figurative wind out of Chiesa’s sails as a pass to the Italian from Bentancur in the 87’ ran wide and instead of showing the usual hustle to regain possession, Chiesa stood and pouted as Inter advanced downfield the other way. Far from the drive and activeness that has endeared the winger to the fanbase since joining the club from Fiorentina. Federico Chiesa contributed one key pass, one accurate cross, one accurate long ball, one shot on target, two successful dribbles, four ground duels won, one tackle, and was offside for one attempted goal.

Adrien Rabiot - 4

What is there to be said about the Frenchman? If you have followed my breakdowns in the past on player ratings you will probably be familiar with the description of Rabiot as being absent. Did he play? Did he do anything? Today was the epitome of that and the midfield is a mess. Rabiot contributed one key pass, one shot on target, two successful dribbles, and two ground duels won. Rabiot was substituted for Weston McKennie at the 58’.

Rodrigo Bentancur - 4.5

I try to get through the midfield breakdown without becoming repetitive, but for the most part, what can be said for one midfielder can be said for every one. Bentancur’s play was nothing short of embarrassing. In the 79’ with both Ronaldo and McKennie open to his left, Bentancur lazily kicked the ball into the Inter defender’s chest a yard in front of him, effectively forfeiting possession. That about perfectly summarizes the Juventus midfield. Bentancur contributed one accurate cross, three accurate long balls, one blocked shot, one ground duel won, two aerial duels won, one interception, and one tackle.

Aaron Ramsey - 4

I give up. Copy and paste from the Rabiot review and you have Aaron Ramsey. The Welshman and his midfield brethren offer next to nothing to assist in the attack and, if anything, do their best to stifle any potential big plays the attack attempted on the Inter defense. Aaron Ramsey contributed one accurate cross, two accurate long balls, and one clearance. Ramsey was substituted for Dejan Kulusevski in the 58’.

Alvaro Morata - 5

Whether it is caused by the deficiencies of the midfield in creating for the striker or self-induced the attack was as weak as Juventus fans have seen all season. Juventus gifted the Inter defense and Handanovic a clean sheet, barely causing the keeper to work up a sweat from inside the box. Morata contributed one shot off target, on successful dribble attempt, one key pass, two ground duels won, three aerial duels won, and two interceptions. Alvaro Morata was penalized with a yellow card at the 62’.

Cristiano Ronaldo - 5.5

Ronaldo was about nonexistent in the first half, but due to no fault of his own. The defensive front of Inter doubled up on the attacker and limited almost anything he could have created. The midfield was creating nothing for the attack and the striker ended up taking unwarranted by the final fifteen minutes of the first half. I will talk more on this in another article, but the midfield is a disaster. Juventus needs to fix the midfield before worrying about any other aspect of the squad. Nothing was improved in the second half, if anything one could argue the overall play of the attack and midfield was worse. Ronaldo went from being unable to get the support he needed to joining the club in taking a day off. Ronaldo contributed one shot on target, one shot off target, one shot blocked, one successful dribble, one accurate cross, five ground duels won, one aerial duel won, two offsides, one clearance, and one tackle.


Dejan Kulusevski (↔️ Aaron Ramsey) - 5.5

If there is anything we have learned over the season is Kulusevski has what it takes to contribute to the Juventus attack. Not having exactly a lot to break down regarding the play of the Swedish player’s performance today, I plan to use this moment to make a statement on the January mercato. Kulusevski should be the fourth option for Juventus at striker and all funds should go toward midfield replacements. Kulusevski contributed one accurate cross, two successful dribbles, three ground duels won, and one tackle.

Weston McKennie (↔️ Aldrien Rabiot) - 6

It is understandable that McKennie was coming off of an injury, but if he is able to play the majority of the second half there is no reason he should not have played from the start. McKennie brings the effort and ability that is needed from an attacking midfielder. As it stands the Texan appears to be the best midfielder on the team. McKennie contributed two key passes, one shot on target one ground duel won, one aerial duel won, and one tackle.

Federico Bernardeschi (↔️ Gianluca Frabotta) - 5.5

Bernardeschi did what he could and attempted to create some chances for the club in the minutes he played following the swap out. Regardless of feelings on Bernardeschi in the past, you cannot argue that he was better in the position than what Frabotta gave the club. Bernardeschi contributed one blocked shot, three key passes, two accurate crosses, and one interception.


Andrea Pirlo - 4.5

In what might have been the most important game of the season in a must-win situation, Pirlo made questionable decisions in the starting lineup that hindered Juventus’ chances of victory from the start. Playing Frabotta and allowing him to continue to play past the halftime mark until he was injured and had to be removed was the first mistake. The second was not playing Weston McKennie, your best midfielder at the time, from the beginning. The Juventus dedication to the Adrien Rabiot, Aaron Ramsey, and Rodrigo Bentancur trio remains perplexing.

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