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Could Messi and Ronaldo play in one team?

For some, the idea of Messi and Ronaldo playing together is a dream. To others, it is, confusing. Few fans, however disciplined, have learned to appreciate both stars’ talents without hating on the other counterpart. This can be argued, as both the curse and the pleasure of the game.

Cristiano Rolando and Lionel Messi are both phenomenal, once in a decade players.

But who is the GOAT?

This became the single most asked question in the world of football for the last decade. Who is better? Greater? More skillful? No one felt the need to ask how they can partner, collaborate, and work together. No coach imagined they will need plans and tactics to play them together. Today, the possibility, however minimal, is there. With Juventus already having Ronaldo, can they incorporate two football giants in one team?

The first place to look for the answer is in the financial books. Like any well-run business, football companies need to figure out the return on every penny paid. As Juventus fans learned in 2018, those revenues are not necessarily equivalent to silverware and titles. The marketing appeal of these mega-stars is a money machine on its own. On the other hand, even if Messi is able to sign for free, the salary, bonuses, insurance, security, and commodities are not a light expense at all.

From a tactical point of view, in my opinion, Messi can play with Ronaldo. They can put on quite the show! With a good coach, organized talented midfield, and solid defense, wonders can happen! I am sure not a small number of video games players have tried it and got overwhelmed with orgasmic amusement. On the other hand, we have seen it many times, teams with the same players and coach, one year they win all, the next they lose their magic.

And this brings us to the third and most important dimension. If Juventus did the impossible and signed Lionel Messi to partner Cristiano Ronaldo in the attack; If Agnelli ignored the post-corona financial crisis and invested in highest caliber midfielders and kept the solid defenders to create the dream team; if the coach was a true Maestro and devised the best tactical formation, will this guarantee a cohesive playing relationship between the two players? The two players that used to feed their own competitive spirits through besting one another? The two players who have armies of fans who make any human being feel God-like? The two players who have won it all and now are left with few records to break in their final years to affirm their legacies? Two players that all football media outlets are keen to follow their every move and turn any small locker-bust to an act of war.? What will happen to a team that witnesses such a civil war after a colossal hefty investment?

Because of these existential questions, a responsible management will diffuse their excitement and boasting rights of having the two of the greatest players who have ever played the game in their teams, and tread carefully through an upcoming difficult year that will still be played within an ongoing pandemic and economic recession. For me, I will genuinely appreciate and cheer all Juventus players, fino alla fine.


By Juvecalcio2