We are ready. We want to raise a trophy. These last two victories have given us an important boost.

We are aware of the difficulties in facing the Atalanta but we come here with a lot of desire. Let's hope this pitch brings us good results like in the Super Cup.

It will be a balanced game. We had a good game in Bergamo but we were unlucky with a deflected shot in the final. Hopefully tomorrow will be different.

My future? When the season is over, I'll think about it. I'm focused on the end of the season, we're playing a final tomorrow and that's what counts.

I didn't think that this could be the last big game with Juve. Evaluations are made at the end of the season, any other talks takes energy away from the final.

We were going to prepare for tomorrow's game in the best possible way, no matter what mood we were in. It's a final that we have earned. We want to win and stop the fairytale of Atalanta.

We know Atalanta and we are ready to face them. I don't think it will be a very different game from the other two.

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