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Tuttosport - baldini-fiandrino

Giorgio Chiellini was already part of Juventus history, but yesterday he wrote another page. Page 528, like his number of appearances in the Bianconeri shirt, accumulated since Juventus-Messina 1-0 on 15 October 2005. And like those of Giuseppe Furino, the historic warrior and captain of eight Scudetti between the 1970s and 1980s, reached by the historic warrior and captain of nine consecutive Scudetti in the 19 years of the new millennium (plus the one revoked in 2005-06). Reached, to be precise, the fourth place in the ranking of the most present bianconeri ever: only Del Piero (705), Buffon (682), and Scirea (552), have worn the Juventus jersey more times than Chiellini. The first two are out of reach, the third step on the podium will depend on Chiellini's decision on his future.

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