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Cancelo who? Danilo won everyone over...especially Pirlo.

Source: (Fabiana Della Valle).

Cancelo who? Danilo has settled in (and Pirlo can no longer do without him).

Thanks to his progress, after a year of acclimatisation, he has become fully immersed in the Juve reality, becoming an important presence in the locker room, but also for Andrea Pirlo, who is making the most of his flexibility in the new tactical set-up. So Danilo has become not only the player with the most minutes (1502 minutes played, the only Juve player to have exceeded 1,000 minutes in the league), but also the one with the best performance among his team-mates.

The day he introduced himself to Juventus, the Brazilian explained the choice of the number 13 as follows: "I believe a lot in numerology, 13 speaks of death but represents exactly the opposite, it means renewal". The first season was one of transition (32 appearances and 2 goals, one against Napoli on his debut), also due to some injuries, now he has become a protagonist: Pirlo leaves him out only when he is forced to.

Indispensable in defence and precious also in attack, as confirmed by the figures of this season: Danilo is the bianconero who has touched the most balls (1084) in the championship and also the first among his team-mates for balls recovered (86) and interceptions (32). Not only that, in a defence made up of great centre-backs (De Ligt, Bonucci, Demiral and Chiellini) the Brazilian excels in several statistics: from shots on target (13) to passes made (with an accuracy rate of 91%), from key passes (14) to crosses (15), from balls recovered in the opponent's half (46) to duels (246 with a winning percentage of 69%, of which 62 in attack), from contrasts (71) to intercepted balls (113).

It is clear from the season's data that the Danilo is very much present in both the offensive and defensive phases. This is one of the reasons why he has become indispensable in Pirlo's game. At Guardiola's City, despite not being a starter, Danilo has learned to interpret offensive situations and their possible developments in relation to the choices of his teammates in a defence that set up with three and defends with four.

He understands well the dual nature of his role, when he has to tighten up to move as a central player and when he has to go out to catch the opponent's outside player. This is exactly what Pirlo asks of him, who has built his Juve team on a similar pattern and has immediately identified in him a tactically useful player for his game model.