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Battleplan for a Juventus win against Verona

The next game for Juventus is going to be important for a chance to win the Serie A title. Verona has been one of the biggest surprises in Serie A and is fighting to stay in the top ten of the First Division. A win against a team that played great against the big teams will be great for Juventus' morale.

Verona has played in a 3-4-2-1 with a completely team-oriented style of game on both sides of the pitch. The team coach by Ivan Jurić has shown great tactical discipline and organization. Offensively players like Lasagna and Zaccagni are very dangerous with spaces and are always in a good position to create chances using their individual quality. Defensively, their work is good trying to apply high pressure to obtain the ball in dangerous places to create fast chances.

This means that Juventus' defense must be very careful with Verona’s associations, especially on the wings. Playing with two players behind the striker can cause confusion between lines so Juventus must be organized to avoid giving space and time to any player. High pressure can be a good defensive option to avoid any chance and to secure possession of the ball. On the wings, Juventus must have the number advantage or at least match the number of players to avoid dangerous crosses.

Their counter will be harmful to “La Vecchia Signora” taking into consideration the pace of the player of Verona. The team of Jurić will attack the paces left by the winger, so the midfielders must be ready to support.

Offensively, Juventus must stretch the opposing team and always give at least two options to the player with the ball. Verona will apply high physical press which will be hard to deal with. Juventus has to stretch the defense and press to avoid a collapse between players standing close. The “Bianconeri” must also be willing to use the long ball to avoid the lines of pressure. Attacking the winger will be important especially with Chiesa, which is Juventus' best one-on-one player. The wing attacks will avoid a collapse on the center and will give Juventus the tools to deal with a difficult team like Verona

Juventus must not be desperate in their attempts. Verona is a frustrating team the plays hard and will challenge the champions. The organization will be crucial to win this game and with the correct mentality, Turin’s team should be able to win. But as always “La Vecchia Signora” must be willing to fight from the beginning until the end.

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