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Battleplan for a Juventus win against Torino

The next game against Torino is a game that signifies a lot for Juventus. In the middle of the worst Juventus Seria A season in the last five years, “Il Derby della Molle” is as always very competitive and passionate. This year both teams need to win this game at all cost. “La Vecchia Signora” needs a victory to maintain that third place and to dream of a 10th Scudetto. While Torino is fighting to stay in Serie A, therefore a victory against Juve will be crucial for them.

Torino plays in a 3-5-2 which is hard to penetrate. Their midfield is very physical and since the arrival of Mandragora, “Il Toro” midfield has improved. Their captain Andrea Belotti is one of the most dangerous strikers in Italy because not only does he finish the team's chances but he also creates them.

Defensively Juventus must be solid with constant communication to not give Torino space and at the same time securing the ball. In the last game “la Vecchia Signora” was exposed on the counter-attacks Juventus must control the midfield to avoid these dangerous chances and the backline must be ready to cover any space.

Offensively Juventus must have an intense vertical attack. Without Arthur, Juventus will lack creativity but that must compensate with fast vertical play. The wings will be crucial in this game not only for crossing but also to stretch the defense. Set pieces can be a great opportunity to score especially in-game with two very physical teams where a goal can change the entire game. Counterattacks will also be an important part of the ‘Bianconeri” gameplay.

Juventus must maintain its fighting spirit until the end of the season. This year has been very difficult for the champions, but there is no excuse. The players must bleed back and white and must battle in every play.