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Battleplan for a Juventus win against Parma

The next game against Parma will be a battle between two teams in very different situations. On one side Juventus is fighting to maintain a top 4 spot on the other side Parma is in an uphill battle to avoid going to Serie B. A win is crucial for both teams to achieve their goal.

The team coach by Roberto D’Aversa plays in a 4-3-3- formation, which they use to create fast counter-attacks which is one of their main weapons. Longballs are also a very important part of them. Defensively Parma is in very bad shape, allowing 11 goals in the last four games. This is their main weakness and the one that must be exploited.

Defensively Juventus must be ready to intercept any long balls. The high pressure must be applied carefully, and the backline must be ready. The “Bianconeri” need to be very careful with the counterattacks which can be devastating if not stopped on time.

Offensively Juventus be very fast and must execute constant pressure. “La Vecchia Signora” must stretch the defense as much as they can to allow inside the association. Runs behind the backline can be very effective especially with players like Cristiano and Morata. Wing play can also help create spaces in the middle of the peach for the striker and midfielders.

Juventus must win this game to maintain a top 4 spot. In the middle of all the European Super League scandals, Juventus must not forget to fight on the pitch until the last moment.