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Battleplan for a Juventus win against Napoli

The next game against Napoli will be important for the “Bianconeri's” aspirations to the Serie A title. The team from Turin must maintain their winning streak to be able to catch the Milan teams in the league table. A loss can be devastating taking into consideration how competitive the league is.

Defensively Juventus must maintain their defensive organization and pressure. Napoli has shown that many of their players are very technically gifted and creative. Players like Lozano and Insigne can be a problem for the defense on the wings. That is why support must be constant, not allowing one on one plays that may be difficult to defend.

The fluidity in the movements on some midfielder can be a problem, for this “La Vecchia Signora” must maintain communication to avoid confusion in the middle. Napoli has shown problems with high pressure, which can be used to recuperate the ball. A player like Tiémoué Bakayoko can be targeted knowing his limitation with the ball.

Counters must be avoided. Napoli has previously shown that they are able to create a lot of danger in transition. With the return of Osimhen that risk increases.

Offensively controlling the midfield will help Juventus, especially while moving the ball fast. Gattuso’s team constantly uses a mix of high and middle pressure on the field. Therefore, moving the ball fast might expose some of the “Gli Azzurri's” misses in defense”

Wing play will be very helpful to create crosses for a Napoli team that won't play with their two best central defenders. Long balls and counterplay must be exploited if Napoli tries to pressure high or lose the ball, the “Bianconeri” must be prepared to attack those space. Constant movements from the striker will also help disorganized the defense.

In a game like this Juventus must not underestimate the other team. Even with the last results, Napoli is dangerous especially with a coach like Gattuso. The champions of Italy must be willing to dominate and fight from the beginning until the end.