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Battleplan for a Juventus win against Bologna

Through the years many people have commented that Serie A was not an entertaining league and that clubs were not taking risks at games. This year’s Serie A contradicts that idea. Taking into consideration how many teams are playing an offensive style of football. Bologna is one of these teams.

The squad of Siniša Mihajlović is playing a possession-oriented style of football, with players that enjoy passing the ball. This means that Juventus' main weapon should be pure pressure on both sides of the ball. Defensively Pirlo’s teams should use high pressure on every play. Bologna has shown problems when they are not allowed to establish their passing game freely.

Another focus of the “Bianconeri" should be to avoid danger in the back and to gain the ball back on favorable parts of the field. Players like Soriano and Vignato shouldn't be given the space to roam the field freely and if so, one of our defenders has to be close to prevent dangerous passes.

However, Counterattacks can be a problem. With players like Musa Barrow and Orsolini, Bologna can expose Juventus' wing players that will consistently move forward. Therefore, the key is to maintain possession in an organized manner. But offensively the Serie A champions should use their wings accordingly not only to cross but also to link up with the other midfielders.

It's also Mid-range shots that should be avoided. The “Petroniani” are not afraid to shoot the ball from distance to get close to the goal. Yet, the central defenders have to be challenged constantly in Bologna's box. A player like Morata could be key in this game to create space for others. Besides that, Juventus needs to utilize their speed advantage in open space to expose the “Rossoblú" backline, which has shown problems in the past.

Lastly, set pieces can also lead to great results for the “Bianconeri”. With players like Cristiano, Bonucci, and Mckennie clear chances may be created.

All this can lead Juventus to a good win, but over all, pressure must be present from the beginning until the end.