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Battleplan for a Juventus win against Benevento

The next game against Benevento, like all the games until the end of the season, will be very important for Juventus to maintain the pace if they intend to win the Serie A. With most of the team available, Juventus will have their best player available on the pitch to win the last game before the international break.

Benevento has switched between a back four and back three in the last games, but the four defender formation has been more consistent. In the last five games the team, coached by Filippo Inzaghi, has only managed to score two goals. These statistics reflect the offensive problems of Benevento which are having problems creating dangerous chances. At the same time, these defensive problems have returned for the “Gli Stregoni” having conceded ten goals in the last 4 games. But regardless of the situation, Benevento is fighting to stay in the first division of Italian football and the team from southern Italy will give their all.

Defensively, Juventus must be active and aggressive with high pressure. In the last game “la Vecchia Signora” was very dominant in the first half dominating the game and being solid defensively. This high pressure will limit the opposing team’s creation in the midfield by provoking mistakes that Juventus can use in transitions. The backline must be ready to anticipate and to win the one-on-one duels covering the holes left by the high pressure. Communication will be key to gain in superiority on every part of the pitch, which will guarantee a dominating performance.

Offensively, Juventus must have an intense vertical attack, overwhelm the backline with constant movements. Crosses will be very important with both strikers in form, but wing association must be used to create chances. The second-line player must also be active in the area confusing the defense and creating chaos in the backline by attacking the spaces. This high volume attack combined with fast passes and the good association will give Juventus dangerous chances close to Benevento's area

Set pieces can be a great opportunity to score considering the high advantage of Turin’s team. Counterattacks will also be an important part of the ‘Bianconeri” attacks considering the players that Pirlo is using to create a very fast team that is very capable of attacking with pace.

Juventus must maintain regularity if they aspire to win the Scudetto. Winning against Benevento before the international break will give Juventus three valuable points to continue the Serie A dream. But to win the title the “Bianconeri” must be ready to fight.