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Battleplan for a Juventus win against Atalanta

The next game against Atalanta will be a prequel to the “Copa Italia” final. This will also be a direct duel for the Champion League positions going into next season. The team from Bergamo has been one of the most successful against Juve in the last couple of seasons. If Juventus wants to secure a top 4 place a win against Atalanta will be crucial.

The team coach by Gasperini plays in 3-4-2-1 formation, which favors a high pace style of game. The team from Bergamo has become one of the most deadly offensive sides in Italy. Their high-pressure forces turn over in dangerous positions and the overwhelming number can be very hard to deal with.

Defensively Juventus must be solid with constant communication Atalanta will move the ball fast with speed and verticality. The “Bianconeri” must not be passive defensively. Movement is constant in Atalanta's offense, which requires max concentration following the players in their runs, closing spaces that might be created, and supporting teammates. Good pressure in the midfield can be very helpful to disrupt the constant attacks. Both wings must be secure taking into consideration that the wingbacks are crucial in Gasperini’s team both in crossing the ball and finishing opportunities.

Offensively, Juventus be very fast with the ball. Atalanta will pressure high to force mistakes, but fast ball movement can be very effective if executed correctly. Movement without the ball will be crucial, especially against a team that likes man coverage. And so will be wing play when attacking the spaces behind the wingbacks. Counters must be executed without hesitation because there will be open space because of the high number of Atalanta attackers.

Juventus must win this game. Not only to be closer to guaranteeing a top 4 place, but also to boost the team's morale for the remaining games of the season and the Copa Italia final. Juventus must be strong and fight until the end no matter what.