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Battleplan for a Juventus win against AC Millan

The next game against AC Milan is a crucial game to determine who will play in the champions league next season. Both teams have 69 points and a loss could be devastating for the European hopes next season. Both teams have been inconsistent, and they will be fighting for a crucial victory that could determine the job of their coaches.

Milan has shown to be a very tough team when fully healthy, both in attack and defense. The team coached by Pioli, plays in a 4-2-3-1 with balance in all the lines. Zlatan is their main man in attack. He is very effective in the area and in aerial duels. Their midfield can create in fast touches but is also able to produce fast counters if given space. Their defense has been inconsistent too: in some games they have played on a good level, and in others, they have had bad performances. Their most important player will be Kessie, who provides balance to the team both in attack and defense.

Defensively, Juventus must be prepared to pressure Milan to destroy their playmaking. But the pressure must be applied in a correct and organized manner to avoid dangerous passes between lines. The midfield must constantly hunt for the ball and try to win the one-on-one duels. The backline must be careful with runs made by the Milan players, which will be constantly made with great pace. The central back must be aggressive with Zlatan and avoid giving them space to think. All while the wing players must return to defensive duties to avoid dangerous crosses or associations.

Offensively, the “Bianconeri” must be quick and vertical. The club from Turin has shown difficulties in breaking up defenses when organized, which will be Ac Millan's plan when they lose the ball. Juventus must no waste time with the ball. Wing play will be crucial to create crosses and individual plays, as this has been Juventus main weapon and must be maintained. The counter can be lethal especially with Millan fullbacks that go constantly for the attack. Set pieces can be key to unlocking the game, so Juventus must not waste them.

A game against Ac Millan is always important but this game is key. If “La Vecchia Signora” wants to play champion league next year a win will be required. This season has been difficult but Juventus must fight until the end “fino all fine”