Batteplan for a Juventus win against Sassuolo

The next game against Sassuolo is crucial in Juventus' path to the Champions League next season. The team from Turin has performed in a bad way the last few games and they need a dominant performance to get back in the race for a top-four spot. However, the “Neroverdi” played good football in the last few games, and in the last match against the “Bianconeri”, they competed spectacularly.

Sassuolo has shown to be a very tough well train and skillful team with the ball. The team coach by De Zerbi plays in a 4-2-3-1 bust. This formation has been modified in particular games depending on the opposition. Their main weapon is their ball movement and their capacity to maintain position even when facing high-pressure teams. This capacity is supported by the constant movement of the player which creates spaces between lines. Their wing play is very dangerous both on individual duels or in associations. Sassuolo's main weakness is their backline, which is their most inconsistent part of the field.

Defensively Juventus must be prepared to pressure the ball high to counter the “Neroverdi” playmaking. Forcing errors with a high number of players will be Juventus' main way of defending and having a good transition. The backline must be constantly communicating to avoid problems with the constant movement. The wing must constantly defend with great concentration because Sassuolo could exploit spaces left behind them.

Offensively the “Bianconeri” must be fast and deadly. Longball to the spaces behind the defense could help stretch the defense. Juventus have shown problems creatively in the midfield. To avoid this setback the “Bianconeri” must use their speed and force a high pace game. Wing play will be our main weapon to create chances by crossing and associating with the midfield. Counters and set pieces can be crucial to create dangerous chances that can't be wasted.

This game is going to be key for Juventus. A loss could leave “La Vecchia Signora” out of the Champion League next year, so a win will be required. The “Bianconeri” most give their best and must play with pride and intelligence to win this game.

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