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An eternal excuse!

Adriano Galliani, former general manager of Milan, has said if Gol di Muntari had been given, Milan not only would’ve won the league but also that would prevent the mighty Rossoneri frim their significant drop.

This isn’t the first time that a Milan official or former official has used Gol di Muntari excuse, let alone Milan fans that still to this day think if that goal was given, the decade would be completely different for their beloved club. But what is the truth?


There is no need to say it, the ball crossed the line, the incident was clear and every Juventus fan will admit it should’ve been a goal. But Gol di Muntari wasn’t the first time that the linesman failed to see a clear goal. Almost one year before the infamous Gol di Muntari, Frank Lampard’s goal vs Germany in the 2010 World Cup wasn’t counted, although the ball was in the middle of the goal. These kind of mistakes have been so common that forced Fifa to accept using the expensive goal line technology, as even the 5th official solution didn’t solve the problem. So Gol di Muntari wasn’t something special or rare. Also Muntari goal wasn’t the only wrong call of that game. The same linesman that didn’t give that goal, wrongly disallowed Matri’s goal for offside. This can’t be an eye for an eye considering Muntari goal happened first and that could change everything but still Juve were robbed from a regular goal. However the incompetency of the referee was a bigger blow for the Rossoneri than Bianconeri, still a 2-0 lead in the 1st half wouldn’t warrant a win, because onlu one goal from Juve would bring them back to the game.

Even if somehow Milan had won the game that wouldn’t change the course of the league significantly. Juve and Milan played 38 games and none of those 76 games was a title decider match. Many Milan fans, and football fans in general, think that game was a final in a race similar to Liverpool vs City in 18-19 where a small slip up from either sides could cost them the championship, but that’s not true.

That game took place in week 25, still 13 games and 39 points were left. Both Juve & Milan dropped many points throughout 11-12 season and Juve won the league by winning only 23 games, it means plenty occasions for both teams to take the lead back. How 3 points advantage in gameweek 25 would warrant Milan the title while later that season Milan bottled a 5 points lead?

The most bizarre part of Galliani’s claim is that if Milan had won the 2011-12 scudetto, right now they would be in the place of Juve and Juve would be in place of Milan. Neither winning the 11-12 was a wormhole to 9 years of success of Juve, nor not winning is the reason for Mila’s miserable decade.

Juve is here because they have been run correctly unlike most of the other club’s in Italy. Juventus directors were able to form the magical midfield of Pirlo-Marchisio-Vidal-Pogba by spending only €12m. Juve signed Barzagli and Bonucci for €15,3m and by adding them to Buffon and Chiellini they created one of the best defensive units of Italian football history.

On the otherside Mr Galliani and Milan signed Balotelli & Pazzini for €35m. Mr. Galliani, how you are going to tell your kids that for signing Pazzini & Balotelli you spent more than what Juve paid to purchase Chiellini, Barzagli, Bonucci, Pirlo, Marchisio, Pogba & Vidal? In Milan they got rid of Pirlo who then became one of the most important players of Juventus. Milan give Juve €11m for Matri, Juventus bought Tevez with it.

These different decisions (plus what Juventus managers have done on the economic fields such as bulding the J village) are the reasons that Juve have won 9 consecutive scudetti and is one of the giants in Europe while Milan has become a universal example of serious decline.