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I felt like I was at the beginning of my career. I am excited. We're getting back together, I've only had good young players so far. Now the first team is coming back, there's little time to talk about the past, you have to think about the future.

I said no to Real twice? I thank Real for the opportunity they gave me, but mine was a gesture of love towards Juve.

Ronaldo, Chiellini, and Bonucci must be examples for the younger ones. They will be an added value for the club.

What has been done will remain in history, then we parted ways, but now we are starting a new cycle of work where we will have to improve day by day to be able to arrive in March to play for the objectives for which we are participating.

Ronaldo is a great champion, an extraordinary and intelligent player. We spoke, as I did with the other players. I told him I'm very happy to have him back. It will be an important season.

Juve has a DNA made of daily work. I find a team that has won three trophies in the last two years, a good job has been done.

Ronaldo is back in good condition with great motivation. Then during the year, it will take some management, also given the Covid period.

It will also be an important year for Dybala, who is in excellent mental and physical condition.

I'm very happy with the team we have and the enthusiasm I have found in the guys. Through this, the desire to work and achieve the goals I would say that we can have a very good season.

Rabiot has important qualities, but he has to score more goals.

I found a lot of enthusiasm and a great desire to work: these are the conditions for a great season. Players who intrigue me? Rabiot has important qualities, McKennie has the instinct for goals. I'm lucky: many players have goals in their legs.

The choice I made is also a choice of gratitude and affection. The club has given me the chance to return to coaching and to win, which is what counts.

Dybala has the numbers on his side. This year he has the chance to prove his worth. I had a very good perception, I left a boy and found a man again. He knows it's an important year and he's presented himself at his best.

Inter won and so they are the favorites.

The Champions League is a desire, we need to be in a position in May to win it all.

In Serie A there are many good coaches, Inter are the favorite because they are reigning champions. We must build a path that will lead us to win the championship. The Champions? It