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My farewell

After 5 years we split naturally and I'm sorry they lost today. In 2019 there was a difference of views, but Agnelli didn't tell me he would get Sarri. We agreed on many things, but almost without realizing it we separated. The choice was the president's but with Andrea, there is still a wonderful relationship and it was a five-year period full of joy, where things fitted together well... victories and important market choices... It's true that after 5 years it becomes more difficult to pass on the same things to the players and this is also why Agnelli, Paratici, and Nedved decided to replace me. But that year we scored a lot of points and won a championship in 30 games. Of course, the elimination in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Ajax caused something to think about and that end of the season was the logical end of the relationship between Juve and myself.

Back to Juve?

I get attached to the teams I coach, as I do to Milan and Cagliari. It doesn't seem like it, but I'm passionate. Maybe I would come back to Juve, but it's impossible to say today and Pirlo is doing a great job.

Juventus at the moment

You need to be patient, players are not like cars. All teams have gone from good times to less good times. Juventus has a chance to win the Coppa Italia final, if they make the top 4, I think it will be a positive year. Maybe Juve could have been closer to Inter, but you have to understand the dynamics, evaluate some things. But if the best players in Serie A are still those who are older, like Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, and when Chiellini plays, we need to think about this.

What is missing at Juventus?

Sometimes it happens that from the outside you completely misjudge certain players. So how can I say what Juventus are missing? They have made a good team, Chiesa is doing very good things and Morata started well then had the virus, they are in the final of the Coppa Italia, they won the Italian Super Cup, the Champions League is always an unknown and Covid has upset many balances, and in the league, they are still fighting for the top 4. They have quality, but when there is a generational change the characteristics of the players also change. Look at the defense: Chiellini plays differently, Barzagli is no longer there, they have to recreate a soul. Then depending on who's playing next to y