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Allegri has the firm intention of starting again from the players who are already part of the current squad and in some of whom he sees an unexpressed potential. No revolutions, but a couple of adjustments if Ronaldo stays and a couple of adjustments plus a great striker if Ronaldo should leave.

Allegri arrives, or rather returns, to Juventus with a very particular approach. It is his great challenge, perhaps the greatest and most stimulating of his career. And with a role of greater control and power, almost like a manager, certainly not just a coach.

There are enormous expectations surrounding his return. And consequent pressures that also come from those who are waiting for him to fail. Max is not, however, a person who suffers from these situations. But he is aware, if for no other reason than that he has been around for a five-year period, of what it means to sit on that bench, the media scrutinizing every detail and the breath on the necks of a population that expects the Scudetto to be won first time out.

Someone like Adrien Rabiot, for example, can be a key player in his midfield as he is with France. His breaks can be lethal for opponents and Allegri wants to make the most of them. And someone like Rodrigo Bentancur is, without a doubt, a player to work on mentally to get him back to his level after a bad season. Alex Sandro is also a player who could benefit from the return of the old maestro, after a couple of dull years.

Allegri then finds again the flexibility of Cuadrado, known and appreciated by him. The idea could be to keep him higher than low, but the demands of the season can be multiple. And if there is one quality of Max that the club likes, it is that with him on the bench the players multiply. If the idea of a multi-role man was, for example, repudiated by Maurizio Sarri, who was rigorous in composing his team with specialists in every position, Allegri reasons the opposite. And, in this sense, someone like Danilo has the potential to become one of the Livorno man's favorites. The Brazilian has footballing intelligence and an above-average ability to read situations, he can play full-back, defensive midfielder and, if necessary, half-back: he is the footballing Swiss army knife that Allegri adores.

Then there will be the Ronaldo decision, first of all, to be untied in the market and then, if he stays, at a tactical level. In reality, there is little to discuss with CR7: you send him out on the pitch and he takes the position he wants. Allegri is under no illusions, but he is tantalized by the idea of returning to the 4-2-3-1 that had made Juventus shine in the final six months of the 2016-17 season, culminating in the ill-fated Cardiff final. In that system, Ronaldo could be the offensive reference, assisted by Chiesa on the left, Cuadrado on the right, and Dybala behind him. An intriguing and very offensive solution, a headache for those who have to defend and, perhaps, a bit risky in the non-possession phase. But Allegri has a flexible relationship with playing systems. And who knows how many Juventus there will be next year.

Source: Guido Vaciago - Tuttosport