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Meeting between Agnelli and Allegri? I was warned by the president in person, the friendship remains. Like if I went to dinner with Maldini.

Szczesny will be confirmed. After a bad performance, there's always a desire for redemption. We're trying Cuadrado both upfront and at the back.

Tomorrow will be an important match for the league table. Napoli are coming from positive results and they want a result, but we have the same ambition. We'll do our best to get the three points. We expect an open game in which both teams will play their game to get the better of each other. We always respect the protocols, we'll be ready to play tomorrow.

Dybala is fine, he's kicking against a ball again without any pain and he'll be available again. We hope to have him ready for tomorrow. Dybala can start, he may not have 90 minutes in his legs, but he's available.

I have the confidence of the players. I'm in daily contact with them. We talk before and after training and I have great confidence in what we're doing. The players follow me, they know we're not going through a good moment.

Cuadrado was at full-back in the Super Cup and Insigne was there. He always plays in that position, we don't make the formation based on how others play. It's important to have a way of playing based on how the players play.

I also spoke to Kulusevski yesterday. He has to stay calm, mistakes happen, but we have to move forward and raise our heads. He trusts the staff and the club, he must stay calm.

Morata hasn't scored in four games, but he is important, maybe he'll score in the next games.

I have daily contact with the President. We tell each other what is happening. We have that kind of relationship. I was aware of the meeting (with Allegri) and I am aware of the trust, then obviously the results change things. There was no reason for me to clarify myself with the players because I didn't sense any distrust in them. I always remained calm because I saw that they followed my instructions.

The approach the other night was good, then unfortunately we had a drop in energy and concentration that forced us to play a different kind of game, but the approach was right.

The start of our movements will depend on how the opponents come at us, we have prepared for every situation.