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Agnelli talks about the future of football and the Superleague.

Andrea Agnelli talked to Linkiesta Forecast Magazine and outlined the moment of football, also wondering what football will look like in 2040.

For years, football has hidden many structural flaws in its pyramid. Which, in more than a century and a half of history, has undergone some major renovations. Amateurs no longer play, young people no longer take part in the sport and consumers have to select out of much more than before. In the meantime, the new Generation is appearing, which has very different values and interests from its predecessors.

Football entertainment has everything to continue to thrive, from the players to the investors and fans. These three components are the foundations on which to rebuild.

SuperLeague? The process of polarisation will continue unabated, the number of clubs that will form the top of the movement will have to be rediscussed, not to satisfy the desires of a greedy group of entrepreneurs, but to ensure that the supply of football matches demand and guarantees quality. We must reach the public, the great fuel of the show, with new distribution models. The football of the future has a duty to cultivate investment protection, remuneration levels and adequate distribution of income.