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A Battleplan for a win against Porto

The next game for Juventus is the next step in the Champions League dream. After the loss against Napoli, a win is needed not only for the result but also for a morale boost. A dominant performance will give the “Bianconeri” a good chance to rotate the player in the next game but for this, we must be solid in every aspect. Porto's best characteristic is their ability to adapt to their opponent.

The team coached by Sérgio Conceição has shown that they are able to play with or without the ball. The Portuguese team usually plays with a solid 4-4-2 formation that can change to a 4-3-3 formation plays when been overrun in the midfield.

Defensively Juventus must be very careful with Porto’s wing game. Players like Corona and Luiz Diaz use their pace and ability to create chances and combining, with the full-backs trying to obtain the 2 vs 1 on the wings. Juventus must assign “the dancing partners” in the wings to avoid the free crosses. Their two strikers don’t participate a lot in the creation of the game but are big. They will fight the center backs and create spaces that can be used by the opposing midfielders. The backline must be ready for those 1 on 1 duel and the midfield ready to support.

The counter can be very harmful to the Italian team especially on that left side of the shift from 4-4-2 to 3-4-1-2 stars from there. Juventus must regain the ball fast and avoid counters going into dangerous zones.

Offensively “la Vecchia Signora” must use the wing consistently to stretch the defense, creating 1 on 1 and crossing the ball. By making the full-backs work on the back, Juventus will be able to create spaces in the middle. Pirlo’s team must try to have superiority in the middle to control its fluidity in their game. McKennie’s runs to the area can create chances, taking into consideration his good attacks to space and his ability to win in the air.

A game like this one must not be played very carefully. Juventus must dominate and execute the plan tactically. A team like Porto can be frustrating but Juventus must maintain their cool and intensity from the beginning until the end.