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A battleplan for a Juventus win against Udinese

The next game against Udinese will be very important at this stage of the season. Juventus is fighting to maintain a top 4 spot in a season where a win can be crucial. The top six teams are fighting to enter the Champions League. But Udinese is a very hard team to beat they will fight and Juventus must be prepared.

The team coached by Luca Gotti plays in a 3-5-2 or in a 3-5-1-1 formation, which they switch depending on the game. Their style is very counterattack-oriented taking advantage of some of their fast players and their physicality. Their most dangerous player is Rodrigo de Paul. The midfielder from Argentina has become one of the most complete midfielders in Serie A, his ability to break lines of pressure and to give great passes into the spaces makes Udinese a very dangerous team in transition.

Defensively Juventus must be ready to intercept any long passes in transition. In the midfield, Juventus must be very active "destroying" the opponent’s game and not giving space to De Paul. The wings must be ready to return defensively because if not they will leave the backline exposed.

Offensively Juventus be very fast and precise with their passes. Udinese will defend deep which has proven to be very difficult for Juventus. Juventus stretch the defense superiority on the wings can help. Movement in the midfield has to be constant to allowed inside associations. Long balls can also be used effectively to jump the line and play in a more vertical manner. Transitions must be exploited which will be the moments where Juventus player will have more space.

Juventus must win this game to maintain the top 4 spots. The competition to enter the Champions League is very close. But there are no excuses la “Vecchia Signora” must be at top of the race. There is no margin for error Juventus will fight until the end.