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A battleplan for a Juventus win against Spezia

The next game for Juventus will be a game that determines our year and aspirations for the Serie A title. A loss against Spezia will surely put the “Bianconeri” out of reach of the first place. Even with a win, the title race would be very difficult, but a loss would practically guarantee that ten Scudetto in a row doesn’t happen.

Spezia has played in a 4-3-3 consistently guaranteeing a balance and correct style of game that is able to adapt to different circumstances. The team coach by Vicenzo Italiano has shown poise and calmness, which is not regularly seen in teams coming from Serie B. The team has played games with position creating chances with a good build and also some game in which the “Aquile” have played with counter strike style of game. This adaptability has given the team good performances and giving them chances to stay in Serie A.

Spezia has shown a balanced in their attack with a midfield capable of moving the ball fast if necessary, creating penetration from the middle. Their wing play is not dangerous because of individual performances, instead, they rely on associations that can end in dangerous chances. Spezia will use counters which can be very fast and organized in some instances.

Defensively, Juventus cannot be passive and must use an aggressive king of defense. High pressure will be important to avoid dangerous chances and at the same time having possession. That high pressure must be organized and requires good communication from the backline. Center backs must be ready to intercept the long ball or pass to the hole and the midfield must support the wing players covering their back in transition.

Offensively, Juventus must have a balanced approach to break Spezia's defense. They must not depend on wing play only, central penetration must be used too to avoid a one-dimensional style of attack. Movement without the ball will be crucial to exploiting the spaces. The striker must move behind the defense to stretch the newly ascended team. Counters will be crucial, using the pace of our player and their individual ability “La Vecchia Signora” could win the game. Set pieces could also be an important tool taking into consideration the height of our players.

Juventus must be ready to fight for every ball and show “grinta”. The next games will be crucial, and Juventus needs to show hunger in every game. Playing a team like Spezia can be dangerous but the “Bianconeri” must show the fighting spirit from the beginning of the game until the end.