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The next game for Juventus is going to be a revenge match against Crotone, who was able to get a draw in the last game. Crotone is the last team in the Serie A table and is fighting to stay in the First Division of Italian football. A dominant performance is expected but the “Bianconerri” will need to be ready in order to avoid an upset.

Crotone's has played in a consistent 3-5-2 trying to crowd the midfield both in offense and in defense. The team coach by Giovanni Stroppa has shown a feisty spirit in many games and many managers have been surprised by the level of flightiness of the team. Crotone's best player has been Messias, the Brazilian players have showed quality and great touch, becoming the player to watch and putting the team on his back.

Defensively Juventus must be very careful with Crotone's spontaneous pressure, which won’t be constant but can be troublesome in some moments with our midfield being depleted. When playing with a back three the wingbacks are going to be crucial stretching the defense, Juventus must wind does individual duels to avoid any complication. Messias will be important in their building of the game so pressuring him will be crucial.

Their counter can be very harmful to “La Vecchia Signora” team especially on that left side of the shift from 4-4-2 to 3-4-1-2 stars from there. Without a doubt, Messias will try to attack that space with the wingback and striker company.

Offensively Juventus must be ready in building up played using the correct positioning. If the midfield is consistent at giving the correct support to the defenders, the Champions will be able to build up without problems and even jump lines of pressure if necessary. The wing must attack consistently to stretch the defense that will try to stay united. By making the wing-backs work on the back Juventus will be able to create spaces in the middle. In the middle Juventus cannot be lazy fast passing will be key create good passes between lines.

Juventus must dominate and execute the plan tactically to avoid the upset. A team like Crotone will fight for every point to stay in Serie A. Juventus must show the hunger of the champion to match Crotone’s intensity fighting from the beginning until the end.