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A battle plan for a Juventus win against Cagliari

The next game against Cagliari will be very important to Juventus' morale for the rest of the season. The “Bianconeri” suffered a Champions League elimination that put an end to the European dream. But for Juventus, the Serie A title and Coppa Italia are still a possibility so the team must be ready.

Cagliari has changed from back four to back three switching between a 3-4-1-2 and 3-5-2. Since this defensive change, Cagliari has become a more solid defensive team which has made the team more difficult team to deal with. This season has been hard for the team coach Eusebio Di Francesco who has struggled. But the team is still capable of creating chances and has been very dangerous if they are not under pressure.

Defensively Juventus must try to mimic the first game of the season. Last time “la Vecchia Signora” was very dominant defensively. Applying high pressure to avoid the creation in the midfield. This will isolate the strikers and give Juventus the chance to get the ball back in good positions. The backline must be ready to anticipate and win the one-on-one duels, especially with João Pedro. Wings will determine a lot of success so Juventus must be solid in this area.