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A battle plan for a Juventus win against Atalanta

This “Copa Italia” final is going to be very symbolic. On one side Juventus, the giants from Turin with most Scudetti and team that is obligated to win every year. On the other side Atalanta a very recent project, that under Gasperini has become one the most surprising and entertaining projects in Europe. A win would be great for both teams in this last part of the season.

Atalanta has become a team that destroys their rivals with constant attacks, becoming one of the highest-scoring offenses in Europe. The team coached by Gian Piero Gasperini plays in a 3-4-2-1 formation which gives them a very dense and overwhelming midfield. Their main weapon is their high pressure which drowns their opponents. This high pressure constantly forces errors in dangerous parts of the fields, which can end up as dangerous occasions. The team from Bergamo has a very high pace both on the inside game as on their wings. Their crosses are deadly if not interrupted, especially that wingback to wingback cross which Atalanta does so well. The second place in Serie A will be difficult to beat and Juventus must be very careful.

Defensively, Juventus must be precise and not make mistakes. Communication must be constant between the wings and the center. The center backs have to be close to the striker and must be ready for some of the midfielders' runs between lines. The fullbacks and wingers need to cover the flacks and must return in transitions. In some moments the wings will have to support the midfield to avoid being overwhelmed. The midfield must be aggressive: disruption will be key to avoid that creative fast pace offense that can become deadly especially with between passes. The striker must pressure the defenders to avoid easy offense building or long passes. Juventus must be compact and defend like a unit.

Offensively, the “Bianconeri” must be very precise to avoid dangerous mistakes. Atalanta will pressure the ball high on man coverage which can only be avoided with constant movement. Passes must be fast, precise, and vertical to avoid being overwhelmed. Long balls can be very important to avoid defensive lines and use the pace of forwards on open spaces. Wing play has to be great because this is the biggest weakness on the defensive skim of Bergamo’s team. Long shots can be a weapon if given space on the open fields.

Set pieces are always a weapon in this kind of game when all other options are not available. Counters can be very important given the opportunity, especially against Atalanta that will attack many players.

This game is going to be very important for the morale of Juventus. A loss could be devastating for “La Vecchia Signora” going into that last game of the season. Juventus must give their best and must play with intelligence to win this game, never giving up and fighting until the end.