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Pirlo will be the Juventus coach for next season. We took on a project with Andrea, knowing the difficulties there would be. We wanted to do something more but we didn't succeed, the difficulties were foreseen. We are very calm, and we are maintaining this path. He has everything to become a great coach.


Ronaldo will stay at Juventus also next season. Ronaldo, both technically and in terms of image, has given us a boost towards the big stage of football. There's nothing you can say about his technical level: he's scored more than 100 goals in 120 games and he's dragged us in the Champions League. Ronaldo is a very simple guy, even though from the outside he might not appear so. He is the prototype of a modern player who, with immense talent and a lot of hard work, has achieved incredible things.


We have missed Dybala. I don't think he played more than 800 minutes this year. His presence would guarantee us offensive variations and goals, which we have obviously lacked so far.

Dybala has a contract for another year and I have nothing more to add to what director Paratici and president Agnelli have already said. But it is clear that at Juventus we evaluate every market opportunity.


I was pleased with Max Allegri’s words. He lived wonderful years with us, we shared above all joy, he made wrote history with Juve. I believe that our separation came naturally and for this reason, there are no regrets.


Maurizio Sarri is a great professional and a great coach. The feeling was good, but there were no promises to continue working together. But, even here, everything has been agreed with him.

Rivalry with Conte, Marotta and Inter

Rivalry is there and it is always there but it must remain so, in friendship. I have no message for Conte. Conte was hired by Inter to win and he knows how to do that. Now he's ten points ahead and has an obligation to win, he knows that too.

Is he building like he did at Juve? It could be because he's with Beppe Marotta and I know how the two of them work together. Marotta has been a great teacher for all of us. We're happy for them.