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4 Things to watch out for as Juventus hosts Inter in the Coppa Italia Semi-Final

Juventus fresh off a must-win vs Roma on Saturday evening at the Allianz Stadium, host Inter with a chance to advance to the Coppa Italia Finals.

Here are four things to watch out for as to how this game might unfold:

1.) Not getting caught on the counter. In the first leg vs Inter at the San Siro, Juve was pressing, but then got caught on the counter on their first goal, with horrible defending. Against Inter they must be wary of that especially with Lukaku back from suspension. But in this 6 game win streak, the defense has been much better with Chiellini controlling the backline, bringing back the good old days of BBC.

2.) Chiesa and Cuadrado must start. When these two start for Juve along with the wings, the game gets sped up much faster and opens lanes, for Cristiano and Ronaldo to score quick and fast versus Inter.

3.) Lost of Concentration in the second half of games. Juventus has to keep their concentration in the second half of games once they have the lead. Losing possession against Inter can be lethal. Controlling the time of possession to keep the pace at Juventus level will be key with Arthur who has come into his own in the midfield the last few games.

4.) Momentum. In this six-game win streak, Juventus has the will to win. In these games of a bunched up schedule, some games might be perfect. Moving forward the Old Lady will have to find ways to win, some of them might not be fun, but they have to win at all costs.