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4 things to watch out for as Juve battles Inter in the Coppa Italia Semi-Final

The much anticipated semi-final is finally here on Tuesday evening, as Juventus faces off against nemesis Inter Milan in the first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final. Here are four things to look out for as to how this game might unfold.

1) Can Andrea Pirlo out wit and match Antonio Conte. In their first meeting a few weeks ago, Andrea Pirlo was clearly outclassed by Conte . But after that game Pirlo has found the matchups that have been consistent and is not tinkering with too many different formations, especially those in midfield. It seems Arthur will be a mainstay in midfield moving forward, with Ronaldo and Morata partnering up front.

2) Has Juventus solved their defensive lapses. It seem the last few games Juventus have saved their defensive weaknesses as evident in the early part of the season. But with the Captain back in form and manning and controlling the back line, it seems Juventus has been sure handed as evident in their two clean sheets, vs Bologna and Sampdoria. Nobody loves to play the game of defense like Chiellini.

3) Can Chiesa and Cuadrado exploit Inter's defensive down the flanks. As evident in the last two league matches, when Juventus employs Chiesa and Cuadrado down the flanks the game is much quicker and crispier, as they find there right spaces and keep the defense on their toes, creating more chances for Cristiano and Alvaro Morata.

4) Can Kulusevski find his scoring touch. Before missing the Sampdoria game, Kulusevski had scored a couple of goals to restore his confidence, after losing favour in the lineup and seemed lost in games. But he has regained that scoring touch. Along with him, and Aaron Ramsey, they will have to be key off the bench and find the scoring touch as key substitutes vs Inter as Ronaldo and Morata will be blanketed, and maybe a new hero will emerge on Tuesday evening.