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4 things to watch out for in the SuperCoppa Italia

After a lackluster effort vs Inter Milan, in which Juventus showed no fight and effort vs Inter, they are back at it, in the SuperCoppa Italia final vs Napoli on Tuesday evening.

Here are four things to look out for as to how this match might unfold.

1. Will the real Juventus please show up.

After another lacklustre effort vs Inter Milan, which showed no effort and no creativeness in their play, which has been the norm this season after playying a great match then just mailing it in with no effort. When you think they have turned the corner, they go a few steps back. Now is the time to get their mental awareness and effort and start winning, as they are running out of games and its a uphill climb to catch league leaders Inter Milan.

2. Is it time to regulate Chiellini to the bench?

Versus Inter Milan on Sunday the captain did not perform to his usual standards, as he was caught out of his usual position on most of Inter's attack when they had the ball. He has had an injury filled season, and hasn't really been able to get his game back. Starting Danilo and Bonucci, until De Ligt comes back.

3. Stopping Napoli's barrage of goals.

For Juventus to succeed they must score early and often. As it has been shown in most games that Juventus has won this season, scoring first is the key. Against Napoli they have to score fast, and keep the vaunted attack of the likes of Insigne and Mertens off the goal charts and not get out of position with help from the midfielders when they do.

4. Will Pirlo have a creative plan?

Against Inter there was no plan to attack, and they couldn't adjust. When they did the game was lost. Pirlo has to make adjustments quickly and early if things are going wrong, to salvage this game and maybe the season.