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4 storylines to watch out for: Atalanta vs Juventus

Fresh from a much-needed win vs Genoa, Juve delivered with a 3-1 victory, as they kept pace with Milan and are one point ahead of Atalanta as they travel to Bergamo, on Sunday evening in what should be a great match and a preview of the Coppa Italian Final.

Here are 4 storylines to watch out for as this game unfolds.

1) The Resurrection of Paulo Dybala. Oh, welcome back La Joya. The missing ingredient in the Juve attack is back and playing well alongside Ronaldo. He was dearly missed. He brings much-needed energy to the Juve attack, and hopefully, he can finish the season with a bang, and resign for next year.

2) Starting fast and finishing strong. In most games, Juventus plays amazing in the first half of games and then struggles in the second half where they let the opponent dictate play and are left playing catchup. Against Atalanta, this cant is the script as they can score with their up-tempo style. When Juve has the lead they have to keep pushing for more goals and control play./

3) Creating up-tempo with Cuadrado. WIth Cuadrado back in the lineup after sitting out, with Corona Virus Juventus just plays with such style and flair, with him running down the wings and the game speeds up more to Juve's liking and puts the opponent on edge. More of that needs to be in this game, as that will keep Atalanta and open things in the middle for Ronaldo, Kulusevski, and Chiesa.

4) Pirlo on the hot seat. With each game Andrea Pirlo wins, the rumors of his demise, get quieter with each victory as the season comes to a close. But a loss and the rumors of Allegri and other coaches coming next year if Pirlo falters down the stretch. More wins and those rumors will disappear into the Turin night. Keep winning El Maestro as I for one am excited to see what you can do in season 2 next year with some new blood.