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Story lines to keep an eye on: the Derby

Following a thrilling 3-2 victory against Genoa in the Coppa Italia, Juventus will now travel to Milan to face Inter at the San Siro, in the highly anticipated Derby D' Italia. This is another must win for the Bianconeri if serious about gunning for a 10th straight league title. Such as they did two weeks ago in a statement match against league leaders AC Milan, Juventus must now step up to the similar challenge against Inter.

1) Has Aaron Ramsey finally found his permanent place in the lineup?

Aaron Ramsey struggled to impose himself at Juventus following his move from Arsenal in 2019, but he seems to finally be proving what he is capable of doing on the pitch, as the Torino club continue to march back up to the top of the Serie A standings.

Ramsey, who joined Juventus following a teary departure after 10 years at the North London club, proved himself as an unlikely hero last Sunday in the match against Sassuollo, finishing a convincing 3-1 victory. This victory leaves Juventus currently sitting seven points behind AC Milan, and just four points behind Inter with the upcoming match. This season, Ramsey has had more appearances in the starting XI, but in the last handful of games he has really stepped it up. Ramsey has bagged himself two assists in his last three starts, and scored his first goal of the season last weekend. While yes, Ronaldo is the obvious main man at Juve, the team of course needs a conductor from other areas on the pitch. Ramsey is sure to prove his worth following an injury to Paulo Dybala, who is rumoured to be side-linded up to 20 days. Juventus has been lacking in the scoring department other than Ronaldo and Morata - so hopefully, Ramsey is able to produce and will aid to the load off of Ronaldo in crucial games.

2) Closing Out Matches

The main cog in games where Juventus have gotten themselves a lead, has been the inability to see the entirety of the match through. Often starting off with a bang, but ending up in trouble. Much needs to be addressed about the lack of fluidity throughout the team, as well as their midfield play. Starting McKennie from this point forward should be a priority of Pirlo, as he brings the energy to the team. Against Inter, lapses in the midfield areas and poor judgement can surely be costly.

3) The return of Giorgio Chiellini

Our captain is back. Giorgio's leadership speaks volumes when he is on the pitch. When on the pitch, he is in full control of the backline, brings reassurance, and senses the flow of the game. While he has been injury prone this season, his minutes m