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Julian Giannotti

Website author

My name is Julian Giannotti and I am from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Being from Canada, I am lucky to be blessed with Italian parents. My passion for football comes from my father. God bless him he supports Sampdoria but I found the black and white shirt much more appealing. 


Being from Canada, it is extremely hard to watch live games and I can remember each one like no tomorrow. Pavel Nedved secured my love for Juventus and I will always remember August 3, 2003. My father, myself and my best mate travelled down to Giants Stadium for the SuperCoppa Italiana Final against AC Milan. My mate is a Milan fan so the tension was there the entire trip. 


For the most part it was a boring game and for two 10 year old lads we could not get enough of it. We got to see our legends, Pirlo, Buffon, Nedved, Del Piero, Trezeguet. Milan scores a shady penalty in first half Extra Time. My mate goes nuts thinking they’ve won on a golden goal. I’m miserable but then I notice Trezeguet put the ball at half and we play on. Literally seconds later Trezeguet puts the ball in the net and I jump up screaming whilst my mate just finished his celebration realizing what just happened. Incredible scenes. We went on to win the trophy and ever since I’ve had undying passion for this club. And I want to do anything in my power to contribute to our amazing Juventus community!

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